Grow your practice with trusts that build deeper client relationships and long-term profit

The largest generational wealth transfer in history has already begun, presenting both opportunity and challenges for investment advisors. Those who embrace it will benefit by building new family relationships. Trusts help connect you to future generations as they take control of family assets – offering both sustainability and profit.

Because of the complex nature of trusts, advisors rely on firms that specialize in trust administration, giving you more time to concentrate on what you do best – manage money.

Partnering with the right trust company offers

  • An independent corporate trustee whose role is to manage your clients’ trust from set up to ongoing administration
  • A conflict-free source charging a fixed fee without any revenue-sharing or commissions on transactions
  • A way to maintain continuity with your families long into the future

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1. Independence – No Conflicts of Interest
2. Collaboration with You and Your Clients
3. Legal Expertise – Trust Attorneys on Staff
4. Fixed Fees for Transparency
5. Technological Support for Efficiency
6. Chartered in a Favorable Jurisdiction
7. Investment Oversight for Prudent Management
8. Deep Industry Experience and Record of Success
9. Partnerships with Ancillary Services
10. Responsive Support for Client Needs
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Maybe the best way to understand who we are and what we do is to hear what we’re not. We’re not investment or tax advisors or part of a large financial institution. We’re not compensated by commission and finder’s fees. And we’re not influenced or guided by financial products or services. We are truly an independent South Dakota-charted trust administration firm. read more