Jodie Nielsen

Trust Officer
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At Sterling, Jodie is responsible for every aspect of trust administration, from client contact to day-to-day oversight to back-end management. Her previous professional experience includes over 17 years at a South Dakota bank trust company, where she gained invaluable expertise in trust administration, communication skills and compliance standards. She earned her BS in Commercial Economics from South Dakota State University.

About Jodie:

If Jodie looks familiar, you may have seen her appearing as lead singer in her band, Short Notice, belting out a dazzling array of tunes, from the Byrds to James Taylor to Lady Gaga. She’s been a crowd pleaser since age 14, when she began her career as a wedding singer and church vocalist. Since then, she’s appeared at countless events and fundraisers, always with her #1 groupie, her husband, along for ride.

“Managing a trust is like performing a song,” she says. “The more you do it, the better you get. You can’t compartmentalize any one facet. And when it all flows together, you get perfect harmony.”

Jodie also composes original Haiku poetry, golfs, bakes wedding cakes and loves to travel the world with four generations of family members.

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