Technology drives trust administration efficiency

Sterling Trustees has invested heavily in cutting edge technology that integrates the many facets of your trust into one environment. In this manner, all data is aggregated into a single portal for comprehensive administration, efficient and accurate monitoring. Both cash and other tangible assets are tracked in near real time reporting so your trust officers know exactly where your trust stands at any given time.

WealthHub(SM) is a customized system that offers Sterling Trustee clients the very latest in trust administration reporting for robust analysis and action. WealthHub combines the functionalities of work flow, document management, bill pay, performance management, compliance and CRM, all built on the platform. This data is fed into the system from Sterling Trust’s accounting engine which is, in turn, data fed by numerous sources such as custodian banks, hedge fund administration, credit card transactions and private equity funds.

Illustrates the functions of the special purpose entity trust and relationship with Sterling Trustees, the administrative trustee

Sterling ConnectSM, our proprietary, state-of-the-art online web portal for client reporting

• Daily online access/reporting of near real-time performance data for all client assets
• Consolidated reporting of assets from multiple custodians
• Tracking of alternative assets, such as hedge funds, private equity, partnerships, real estate and art
• Online management of important financial and legal documents, including wills, trust instruments, tax returns and monthly client statements


Maybe the best way to understand who we are and what we do is to hear what we’re not. We’re not investment or tax advisors or part of a large financial institution. We’re not compensated by commission and finder’s fees. And we’re not influenced or guided by financial products or services. We are truly an independent South Dakota-charted trust administration firm.  read more