Global trust administration

Our focus and client base is both national and international in scope. With the advances in information technology, people of wealth are more mobile than ever. Families are spread out all over the world and across multiple tax jurisdictions. Sterling Trustees is highly experienced in working with international families whether they are U.S. citizens or from other tax jurisdictions with innovative trust management of their assets in order to minimize taxes. Our knowledge of, and whitepaper on, the Common Reporting Standard offers an expert perspective on what may become a globally accepted standard that could impact any trust with global investments.

We have particular experience helping international families who are looking to:

  • Partner with their legal advisor for pure-immigration planning to the US from foreign jurisdictions
  • Domesticating trusts from foreign jurisdictions to the US
  • Providing trust administration for both foreign and domestic trusts
  • Working with a large network of internationally based investment advisors to provide third party investment management to the trusts we administer

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Sterling Trustees is a South Dakota-chartered trust company, regulated by the South Dakota Department of Banking. South Dakota, at the forefront of creating progressive trust legislation, is one of the country’s leading trust jurisdictions. That means that our company is able to help you leverage the latest and most advanced trust law available. read more