Kathy Gerash

Kathy Gerash

Senior Trust Officer
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At Sterling, Kathy works out of our South Dakota office. Prior to joining Sterling, she spent many years as a trust officer at regional bank trust departments and at a trust company using the independent financial advisor model. She earned a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of New Mexico.

About Kathy:

Born and raised near Chicago, Kathy has a heart that truly belongs out west. After leaving the Windy City far behind, she’s lived in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas – where she camps at 10,000 feet, hikes the desert and pursues wild bird watching. She also collects regional nature guides on flora and fauna. This inherent love of nature underscores her work here at Sterling.

“Our clients are families…people with real lives and real challenges,” she says. “Our job as trust administrators is to guide, respect and preserve what’s important to them – and to ensure that future generations are protected, too.”

Kathy and her husband spend their days surrounded by a host of cats and dogs, all of whom they’ve rescued.

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