Working with Attorneys

Leading trust and estate attorneys understand the power of using South Dakota as a trust situs and the many valuable advantages it brings to affluent families around the world.

However, many out-of-state attorneys aren’t bringing these advantages to their clients because they’re not sure how to get started.

That’s where Sterling Trustees steps in.

We serve as a trusted resource to help plan and implement trusts that satisfy the South Dakota situs requirements. Our interest is to work side-by-side with a non-South Dakota attorney in order to make his/her client comfortable in knowing that they are moving to the right jurisdiction. Our trust officers can provide sample drafting language and can be sounding boards for planning and implementing of proposed South Dakota structure.

We will also make introductions for attorneys who would like assistance in drafting the trust, or who would like a qualified South Dakota attorney to review his/her drafting before transferring assets to South Dakota. South Dakota has several ACTEC member attorneys whose practices revolve around helping out-of-state attorneys move, reform and decant trusts to South Dakota. They will work in concert with out-of-state attorneys in order to execute their client’s terms and wishes.

If you have clients that could benefit from the advantages of South Dakota trusts, don’t go it alone. Let our trust officers guide you through the steps involved and ensure a smooth transition for your clients.

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