Sterling Trustees’ collaborative trust administration works to your advantage

Clients look to us as stewards of their assets. Likewise, the professionals with whom we collaborate value our investment, legal and accounting knowledge that yields unbiased advice. We welcome open communication and collaboration with your other advisors and will recommend appropriate professionals when needed. That way, all of your estate planning, legal services, tax advice and other related matters are seamlessly integrated into our overall management of your needs.

Some families need assistance managing their affairs but can’t commit to a dedicated staff. No problem. We’ll collaborate with your advisors and coordinate a team of investment, legal and accounting professionals to handle family matters with expertise. We also provide referrals to advisors who offer a wide range of fiduciary and estate planning services, under our oversight.

Sterling ConnectSM, our state-of-the-art web portal, provides clients with an aggregated view of all their trust assets and can be used by families who are looking for a technology-driven approach to monthly reporting of assets without having to manipulate data using Excel. Because the system is comprehensive, clients no longer have to review monthly statements from multiple custodians.



Maybe the best way to understand who we are and what we do is to hear what we’re not. We’re not investment or tax advisors or part of a large financial institution. We’re not compensated by commission and finder’s fees. And we’re not influenced or guided by financial products or services. We are truly an independent South Dakota-charted trust administration firm.  read more