Investment oversight

Objectivity is evident in all we do. We hire and methodically monitor third-party investment advisors often using multiple custodians based on the size of the trust. Advisors are selected based on the size of the trust assets, investment style, client’s risk tolerance, geographic location and, most importantly, personality fit.

We are agnostic as to which investment advisors or custodians will work best. We collaborate with a wide range of advisors here and across the globe, including large investment banks, private banks, multi-family offices and independent investment advisors. If you already have a relationship with an investment advisor, we are happy to team up with that firm.

Sterling Trustees believes that technology today is key to driving efficiency and, more importantly, compliance in monitoring all the various investment advisors with whom it works. Sterling has created two proprietary software applications to ensure all of our clients assets are being invested according to an investment policy that is put in place between the investment advisor and Sterling Trustees.

With our proprietary state-of-the-art trust administration platform called WealthHub(R), we closely monitor advisor performance on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Performance is measured on both an absolute and relative basis to a portfolio’s index. We can also perform monthly analysis to measure an advisor’s value through asset allocation decisions and sub-advisor account selection. Secondly, we give clients access to this data through a proprietary web portal called Sterling ConnectSM which clients can access securely from any internet browser. Through the portal clients get access to all of their trust accounts so they can get daily balances and monitor performance all on an aggregated basis.

With our investment oversight, we’re confident that our clients’ trust assets are managed prudently and cost efficiently to ensure growth for future generations.



Maybe the best way to understand who we are and what we do is to hear what we’re not. We’re not investment or tax advisors or part of a large financial institution. We’re not compensated by commission and finder’s fees. And we’re not influenced or guided by financial products or services. We are truly an independent South Dakota-charted trust administration firm.  read more