Investment oversight of your trust assets

Objectivity is evident in all we do. We hire and methodically monitor third-party investment advisors often using multiple custodians based on the size of the trust. Advisors are selected based on the size of the trust assets, investment style, client’s risk tolerance, geographic location and, most importantly, personality fit. We are agnostic as to which investment advisors or custodians will work best. We collaborate with a wide range of advisors here and across the globe, including large investment banks, private banks and independent investment advisors. If you already have a relationship with an investment advisor, we are happy to team up with that firm.

With our proprietary state-of-the-art accounting system, Sterling ConnectSM, we closely monitor advisor performance on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Performance is measured on both an absolute and relative basis to a portfolio’s index. We can also perform monthly analysis to measure an advisor’s value through asset allocation decisions and sub-advisor account selection.

In doing so, we’re confident that our clients’ trust assets are managed prudently and cost efficiently to ensure growth for future generations.



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Sterling Trustees is a South Dakota-chartered trust company, regulated by the South Dakota Department of Banking. South Dakota, at the forefront of creating progressive trust legislation, is one of the country’s leading trust jurisdictions. That means that our company is able to help you leverage the latest and most advanced trust law available. read more